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Electric commerce or perhaps ecommerce is a term for just about any type connected with company, or possibly commercially aware business deal, that requires often the move regarding information throughout the Internet. The idea covers a range of different sorts of organisations, from end user based retail store sites, by […]

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As a possible IT supplier, you usually are for the lead from the technological innovation revolution. National infrastructure technological innovation produced because of typically the telecommunications in addition to microelectronics developments over the previous 100 years. At the moment, enormous of octet of records are usually saved, carried, rerouted and […]

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Para el desarrollo de nuestra labor, todos nuestros vehículos cuentan con rastreo satelital (GPS).

Control Satelital

Arequipa Express Comite 4  S.A.C. mediante RESOLUCIÓN DIRECTORAL N° 4973-2015 MTC/15 otorgado por EL MINISTERIO DE TRANSPORTES Y COMUNICACIONES, obtiene el permiso especial para el Servicio de Transporte Terrestre de de Materiales y/o Residuos Peligrosos . Nuestras Unidades están debidamente implementadas para este tipo de transporte, conforme a los dispositivos […]

Transporte de sustancias y/o residuos peligrosos